How to Build Your Travel Fund


Traveling is one of the great activities loved by millions around the world, traveling is our way of breaking the routine of days and doing something fun and getting to know a lot of new things, and people if traveling outside the country, it is difficult for many people to travel for many reasons, but most importantly, travel is a costly activity that needs you to plan carefully to do it.

Three strategies to save for your next vacation

Vacation is a great motivation for us to save money all year, these three strategies will help you secure your holiday expenses with ease.

  1. Open a bank account dedicated for the Holidays
    One of the best ways ever is to open a holiday savings account and the return that this account will provide you can save some money.
  2. Create a savings goal
    You should specify the budget for the holiday you want to make, and divide this cost by the number of months in the year to find out how much you should save per month.
  3. Download money-saving apps
    You can use expense management applications to make you set the rules that you must save when you spend or put money to achieve multiple goals, and pay attention to any emergency expenses, and it always reminds you of your debts, such as these apps Digit and Qapital.

Gitting money for the vacation

Traveling of course needs money, but that doesn’t mean you have to be sober and wealthy to be able to visit the places you dream to see, it is not difficult, but it requires intelligence and ability to control expenses. Here’s a set of tips that can guide you how you can overcome the idea of saving money for travel, you can follow them and enjoy your next trip.

  • Determine the cost of your trip, then compare it to your current income and expenses, as a start to assess your financial situation.
  • Set specific goals for the expenses you want to save.
  • Develop a new spending plan, including eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  • Do not postpone the plan, you must implement it as soon as it is developed, and be within your new lifestyle.
  • Monthly evaluation of the effectiveness of the plan you have developed.
  • You must develop a sense of commitment to your dream of travel, and you can put a picture or icon in your room reminding you of that dream.
  • If you own a car, you should give it up, or use it minimally.
  • Reduce your dining expenses and sit in cafes and cafes with your friends abroad.
  • At work, you can count on meals you make at home to reduce spending on food.
  • Give up a little luxury, such as a gym or beauty center.
  • You may sell some things that you have stopped using.
  • You must stop buying expensive clothes, and rely on used or cheap clothes.
  • Find a second job next to your daily work, or work freely.