What Makes Pasta One-of-a-Kind


There’s no doubt that most people love pasta. In fact, a lot of American films included this dish in major scenes. But despite its popularity, not all understand pasta’s rich history. Based on historical accounts, it was confirmed that Marco Polo introduced pasta in Italy in 1271. Maybe this is the reason why pasta Italiana remains incomparable until today. From the aroma and texture, Italy got the best kind of spaghetti.

As time passes by, the world got the chance of tasting this Italian delicacy. And as expected, people were hooked to the taste of spaghetti. Since people keep on asking this dish, restaurants around the world included pasta as part of their main menu.

Since you already know the history of spaghetti, you must also know the popular pasta recipes. 

4 Pasta Recipes for Beginners and Pro

Even if you don’t hold a degree in culinary, you can always cook the best spaghetti. Just read the following tips to get you started.

  1. Tomato Tops. As long as you have ripe tomatoes, you can do this recipe. This could be the easiest one since you just have to pour the freshly-made tomato paste to the cooked pasta.
  2. Orzo Pasta. If you want ingredient-filled pasta, this version fits you. Just add red onions, cheese, kalamata, and olives to the spaghetti.
  3. Mac and Cheese. You can also try adding macaroni and cheese to your favorite Italian spaghetti. For some twist, you can add some grated squash to this menu.
  4. Vege-able. Well, if you are health-conscious, try the vegetable-filled spaghetti. The preparation is just the same as the other menus; however, you need to lay a lot of veggies in the pasta to make it healthier. It is also best if the vegies are half-cooked.