What You Shouldn’t Do When in a Foreign Country


Being in a foreign country doesn’t excuse you from any of their laws. You are also obligated to follow and respect the regulations effective in the country which you had entered. It is in your best interest to act accordingly to their rules or else you might get yourself reprimanded for your actions or worse see yourself behind bars.

However, staying in line with the laws of a country is quite tricky. Every country has its considerations regarding certain things, and something which is normal for one country might wrong to another, so how do you prevent yourself from breaking unexpected laws abroad?

Getting Drunk

Alcohol is a known beverage that tips you off from being sane and well. It affects your mood and your thought process. When you’re in a foreign country, being drunk can get you in a lot of trouble and this may result in misunderstandings and fights against the locals or against the regulations set-up by the country itself. So if you have plans on drinking abroad, you better set your self-control at its maximum.

Getting Too Much Attention

Allowing yourself to be too eye-catching is a problem by tourists and foreigners that gets them into trouble. It can easily make you a target by thieves, swindlers, and tricksters which makes your travel experience dangerous. This may pave way for you to get tangled in troubles, so for your benefit, try to blend in and just enjoy the place. 


Bringing your prescription medications abroad is a total minefield of trouble. It is very difficult to know which brands and types of drugs are tolerated in a certain country. Since there is no specific ruling as to which drugs are to be approved internationally, then your medications should come with a letter approved by the embassy. 

The best way to get yourself in a safe journey to any country without the worry of breaking any of their laws is to do your own research. Different countries have different stands on issues, materials, and habits, and to make sure you don’t offend anyone, you better know the Do’s and Don’ts of a certain country.