Parenting: Keeping a Strong Bond With Your Teens


Some customs obliged teenagers to be independent. The basis of doing such is that teenagers are deemed to be fully equipped with the knowledge they need to survive. However, this is a wrong notion. 

Teenagers are very vulnerable to different threats. From drug addiction, premarital sex, down to committing heinous crimes, the young ones are the easy targets. That is why don’t ever dare to leave your teenagers unsupervised or unguided. You must follow up on their activities; or else you may regret if things turn for the worse.

How to Keep a Strong Bond with Your Children

  1. Food Treat. Make sure you always cook the best food for every meal. Remember that gathering all the members of the family in front of delicious cuisines is an excellent way to start a conversation. You may ask your children for some updates regarding their studies, assignments, and research. To some extent, you can even talk about their boyfriend or girlfriend. Don’t worry; nobody will get offended when they are enjoying the delicious dishes that you prepared.
  2. Unforgettable Hangouts. If you want to keep the strong ties with your children, make sure to schedule a family outing. Your family may have a get together in the white sand beaches around the Bahamas, or take a retreat at the mountains of the Himalayas. It really doesn’t matter where you want to go as long as all the members of the family enjoy quality time.
  3. Serious Talk. One way of assuring your kids that they are always in good hands is by having a close-talk with them. It is very important to have an intimate talk with your son or daughter so that you will know their physical, social, and psychological status. 
  4. Rejoicing as One. When you celebrate your children’s achievements, this will also lead to stronger family relationships. Your children will realize that they are not hurdling life’s challenges alone.